Fire Damage Restoration in Chicago by NatCat


Complete, Professional Care NCS’s Fire and Water Restoration Services

Rid your home of excess water and smoke with complete fire and water restoration services from our company in Chicago, Illinois. National Catastrophe Solutions makes sure your home or office building is restored properly and quickly after sustaining fire damage. Call us at 1-800-760-8772 if you need fire restoration assistance or in you would like more information about fire and smoke restoration services.

Determining Different Types of Smoke:

  • Wet Smoke—Results from a Low Heat Fire; Smoke Will Have a Pungent Odor and a Sticky, Smeary Texture
  • Dry Smoke—Results from Fast-Burning, High-Temperature Fire
  • Protein Smoke—Has an Extreme Pungent Odor but Is Virtually Invisible, Discolors Paints and
  • Varnishes Your Structure
  • Fuel Oil Soot Smoke—Results from Furnace Current Returns

Other Types of Smoke:

  • Tear Gas
  • Fingerprint Powder
  • Fire Extinguisher Residue

Evaluate Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire and smoke damage restoration, cleanup, and replacement is a complex and intricate process. National Catastrophe Solutions’s fire restoration specialist goes through a process when evaluating smoke and fire damage. The first is to target the type of smoke that has saturated your structure. This can help the evaluators determined the type of fire that has taken place and in doing so, helps the professionals identify what type of restoration or replacement needs to be undertaken.

What to Do after a Fire

It is important directly after a fire to contact your local disaster relief service. These services will help with your immediate needs like food, clothing, temporary housing, and other essential items. The next step to take in this difficult process is to contact your insurance agent and start planning the cleanup and restoration of your property. At this time, call National Catastrophe Solutions, the most reputable and the highest quality Chicago area fire damage restoration and cleanup service provider in the industry, to help get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

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